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FAQ's & Usage Tips

How to Get a Great Impression
  • Start with a clean stamp. Make sure the stamp is free of dust and particles before applying any ink.
  • Check the ink coverage & consistency before making an impression. You should be able to see the consistency of ink coverage by looking at the rubber surface. 
  • Medium & Large size stamps may need a bit more care in ensuring adequate ink coverage. Work in a well-lit environment and always check the rubber surface for consistent ink application before making an impression. You can also turn the stamp over and apply ink directly onto the stamp for the larger stamps. This method is also great when mixing inks on one stamp.
  • Apply more pressure the larger the stamp. For our largest stamps, make sure to apply adequate pressure and run your palm along the top while holding the stamp securely in place with the other hand.

How to Clean Your Stamps

  • Use a scrap piece of paper (or cloth) to stamp out excess ink on the rubber surface of your stamp.
  • Using a damp sponge, gently wipe away any remaining ink.
  • Gently wipe or dab away any moisture remaining on & around the rubber surface.

Storing Your Stamps

  • No special storage is required for the stamps however, do not place anything heavy on top of the stamp(s).